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Brooklyn Soul Stew is a nine-piece southern soul band formed in the beginning of 2010, and their home is in Gävle, Sweden. Before this fortunate constellation all the members had played in a wide variety of musical styles and settings: rock, reggae, punk, blues, jazz, etc. Well, not exactly all of them. Their male vocalist, Pär Grell, has no previous experience from singing in a band. Amazingly he’s been flying under the radar until now. Just listen how he tackles ”International Playboy” with a flair worthy of Tom Jones!  
It’s unusual to have one singer as good as Mr Grell, but this band can boast two: Annsofi Wigert could hold her own in any gospel church, although the lyrics to ”Breaking Up Somebody’s Home” may not be of the god-fearing kind.


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International Playboy - Brooklyn Soul Stew

International Playboy - Brooklyn Soul Stew

(Videoklipp) Publicerad 29/11, 2012 kl. 23:41

From the album "Abandoned Tracks",released 12th of December 2012 Label: Viskningar och vrål ( Distribution: Plugged music (www.plugged.s...

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